In Denmark the Danish Council on Ethics (Det Etiske Råd), working on behalf of the Danish Parliament (Folketing), published an opinion on human cloning on 1 March, 2001. In this statement, the Council rejects the reproductive cloning of human beings and recommends that research on and using embryonic stem cells should be limited to “surplus” embryos from artificial insemination, excluding cloned human embryos.

Det Etiske Råd (2001): Kloning. Udtalelser fra Det Etiske Råd og Det Dyreetiske Råd Online Version (Danish)

A further statement on stem cell research and new reproductive technology follows on 17 December, 2010:

Det Etiske Råd (2010): Etiske aspekter ved nye typer af stamceller og befrugtningsteknikker Online Version (Danish)

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