Bioeconomy and Sustainability

Perspectives from Natural and Social Sciences, Economics and Ethics

Dirk Lanzerath / Ulrich Schurr / Christina Pinsdorf / Mandy Stake

In this edited volume, scientists from different disciplines discuss modern biotechnological processes and a knowledge-based bioeconomy. The authors base their arguments on ecological, economic, legal, social and ethical aspects. Moreover, they explore the opportunities, risks, and challenges of bioeconomic concepts and biotechnologies in many subject areas. The chapters consider land use, nature and environment, nutrition, technology and governance, energy, economy, law and regulation, as well as ethics. A special focus should be on new technologies and how they can be used, without compromising the ambitious goal of creating a more sustainable, but also fair world.

To do justice to this broad array of topics, the editors frame all topics in overarching introductions and close the volume with final conclusions. Thereby this volume offers data and critical thoughts for any member of a Bioeconomy – be it from academia, the industry or public regulation.

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: 10.1007/978-3-030-87402-5

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978-3-030-87404-9 (paperback)
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Publisher: Springer, Cham

Publication Year: 2022

Pages: VI, 377

Language: English

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