Handbuch Bioethik

Dieter Sturma, Bert Heinrichs

On the boundary issues of life. Bioethics - a subject of intense debate in the scientific discourse and of controversial discussions in the general public. The handbook explains the basics and gives an overview of areas where bioethical issues are relevant, such as human dignity, life, death and disease. Additionally, it addresses specific bioethical issues such as the permissibility of euthanasia, preimplantation diagnostics or embryonic stem cell research and indicates the interfaces of bioethics with other disciplines and societal spheres (bioethics in teaching, biopolitics, biolaw and ethics committees).

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ISBN: 978-3-476-02370-4

Released on: 13.04.2015

Field: Philosophie

Product type: Handbuch

Handbuch Bioethik
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