Islamische Positionen zum pränatalen Leben

Ethics in the Life Sciences – Expert reports by the DRZE; Volume 14
Nils Fischer

Under the responsibility of the German Reference Centre for Ethics in the Life Sciences published by Dieter Sturma, Dirk Lanzerath and Bert Heinrichs.

The present volume addresses ethical and legal positions concerning prenatal life in the Islamic world. The volume approaches the subject-matter both from a historical as well as a systematic perspective. Based on religious sources, the conventional Islamic position is being described in a first step against the background of basic principles of the philosophy of nature. In a next step, the spectrum of answers with regard to the challenges of reproductive medicine and the life sciences which have evolved as part of modern Islamic law, are being outlined. Finally, legal situations in a number of select Islamic states are being examined. It is of special interest how these legal situations relate to the distinct cultural and historical background. Specific issues that are being addressed in the volume include termination of pregnancy, contraception, population planning, in-vitro-fertilization as well as embryonic research. The present expert report contains additional elaboration and exemplification which help to clarify the concept of science and of the terminology within the Islamic discourse. Furthermore, one can find graphical schemes with regard to the different legal positions of Islamic law, Islamic scholars and organizations as well as a glossary.

SB 14
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Year of publication: 2012. 2nd edition, 2016

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