Biologische, psychologische und ethische Aspekte

Ethics in the Life Sciences – Expert reports by the DRZE; Volume 16
Brigitte Altenberg / Karl Otto Greulich / Valerie Elsässer / Martina Gabrian / Hans-Werner Wahl / Sebastian Knell

Under the responsibility of the German Reference Centre for Ethics in the Life Sciences
published by Dieter Sturma and Dirk Lanzerath

Modern research on aging has changed the perception the process. Thanks to geriatric psychology, aging stereotypes have been scientifically analysed, for example concerning mental flexibility. In light of the advancements of bioscience with regard to aging, processes of physical deterioration that have hitherto been considered as unavoidable have turned out to be susceptible to be influenced and possibly as open to therapeutic interventions as well.

Despite this change in perception, the existential meaning of aging remains relevant. It is thus not sufficient to clarify how the concept of aging is to be understood and which interpretation and valuation schemes underlie this phenomenon now and will do so in the future. It is also of paramount importance to understand the impact of such changes on individuals and, furthermore, on society as a whole.

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