Tiefe Hirnstimulation

Neurologische, psychiatrische und philosophische Aspekte

Ethics in the Life Sciences – Expert reports by the DRZE; Volume 18
Jens Volkmann / Thomas Schläpfer / Bettina Bewernick / Sabrina M. Gippert / Thorsten Galert

Under the responsibility of the German Reference Centre for Ethics in the Life Sciences
published by Dieter Sturma and Dirk Lanzerath

The invasive procedure of Deep Brain Stimulation belongs to those medical technologies that aim at a correction or improvement of the functions of the nervous system - by using methods of neurobiology, information theory and engineering. In procedural and normative respects, Deep Brain Stimulation does not present itself in a uniform appearance. While by now it is an established treatment of movement dysfunctions, for instance associated with Parkinson’s disease, it is in a comparatively early stage of development and trial concerning the cases of severe depression or addictive disorders. The differences in applications and therapeutic goals must be addressed appropriately within normative valuations. Irrespective of the not inconsiderable number of medical, technical and normative challenges, Deep Brain Stimulation is for good reason considered a procedure with high innovative potential. Not least this becomes apparent from the diverse research activities in the field of medicine, the natural sciences and the humanities. The present expert report considers the neurological and psychiatric aspects as well as the ethical viewpoints of the applications of Deep Brain Stimulation.

SB 18
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Year of publication: 2016

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