Die Generierung von künstlichen Keimzellen

Medizinische, rechtliche und ethische Aspekte

Ethics in the Life Sciences – DRZE Expert Reports, Volume 25
Eva Mall / Stefan Schlatt / Ulrich M. Gassner / Tade Matthias Spranger / Robert Ranisch / Vasilija Rolfes

Commissioned by the German Reference Centre for Ethics in the Life Sciences
Edited by Dirk Lanzerath and Aurélie Halsband

So far, it has not been possible to generate human egg and sperm cells from pluripotent stem cells. However, completion of in vitro gametogenesis (IVG) is expected in the near future because progenitor cells from human gamete have already been generated.

Gametes produced this way could fundamentally expand both the understanding of early human development and reproductive treatments for infertility.

This expert report provides basic medical information on the development of human gametes, considers relevant legal standards and key ethical issues such as balancing genetic parenthood against potential harms resulting from IVG.

SB 25
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DOI: 10.5771/9783495993958   open access

ISBN: 978-3-495-99394-1 (paperback)

ISBN: 978-3-495-99395-8 (e-book)

Publisher: Verlag Karl Alber, Baden-Baden

Year of publication: 2023

Pages: 170

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