Naturwissenschaftliche, ethische und rechtliche Aspekte

Ethics in the Life Sciences – Expert reports by the DRZE; Volume 4
Thomas Heinemann und Jens Kersten

Published by the DRZE – German Reference Centre for Ethics in the Life Sciences under the responsibility of Ludger Honnefelder and Dirk Lanzerath

Since the first publication on the derivation and establishment of embryonic stem cells from early human embryos and from primordial stem cells of human fetuses and since the confirmation of the existence of tissue specific stem cells in many human and animal organs and their in vitro cultivation, stem cell research has rapidly been established as an independent field of biomedical research.

The purposes of this branch of research have raised expectations with respect to possible therapeutic approaches to diseases which are currently insufficiently treatable or not treatable at all. However, throughout the world the derivation of embryonic stem cells from human embryos has led to discussions on the ethical justifiability of these techniques and has given rise to different legal approaches.

The present volume gives a detailed overview of the current state of the art in medicine and science. Subsequently, an examination of the legal situation in Germany, particularly the Stem Cell Act, the Embryo Protection Act and the Patent Act is provided. A final section presents and analyses the main arguments within the ethical debate on stem cell research. Thus, the volume offers both a fundamental and comprehensive introduction to a controversial discussion.

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Year of publication: 2007

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