Embryonenforschung in Japan, Korea und China

Ethics in the Life Sciences – Expert reports by the DRZE; Volume 9
Christian Steineck / Phillan Joung / Ole Döring

Published by the DRZE – German Reference Centre for Ethics in the Life Sciences under the responsibility of Dieter Sturma, Dirk Lanzerath and Bert Heinrichs

Since the end of the last century the permissibility of research with human embryos is being controversially debated worldwide. Thereby, differences
become apparent in the national legal and ethical discussions, which are partly routed in different cultural and religious traditions. National characteristics and cultural circumstances do not preclude an intercultural dialogue on fundamental bioethical questions. Rather, a comparision of national regulations as well as an exchange between the different political and cultural positions can be used for a mutual revision of the arguments for or against embryo research.

The present study is a case in point: The three parts consider the situation in view of stem cell research in Japan, the Republic of Korea, and China. All three countries are very active in biotechnological research. Consequently, an examination of the ethical and legal states of affairs in these countries is of special interest. This volume presents the respective official regulations, the research situation, and the associated bioethical debate.

SB 09
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Year of publication: 2008

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