Cosmetics Research

The adoption of directive 2003/15/EG led to the gradual abandonment of animal experiments for the testing of cosmetic products within the EU as of 2004.

While the initial ban only referred to the testing of finished cosmetic products, the ingredients of cosmetics are also no longer allowed to be tested on animals since 11 March 2009. Furthermore, the marketing of cosmetics the ingredients of which were tested on animals is forbidden within the EU since 2009.

As reliable alternative methods for the detection of certain health consequences are not yet available, some testing procedures on animals have not excluded from the ban so far. These testing procedures examine repeated dose toxicity, reproductive toxicity, and the toxicokinetics of products and substances. The transition period for the application of these methods expired on 11 March 2013. In its “Report on the Development, Validation and Legal Recognition of Alternative Methods for Animal Experiments in the Field of Cosmetics” from 2011, the European Commission assumes, however, that the development of the necessary alternative methods for a general ban on animal experiments may still take several years.

 On July 11, 2013, the new EG Cosmetics Directive 1223/2009 substitutes the Cosmetics Directive (76/768/EWG) from 1976. This change, however, does not result in any significant implications for the prohibition of animal experiments.

Directive 2003/15/EG  Online version

COM Report (2011)  Online version

EG Cosmetics Directive 1223/2009  Online version

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