IPBES work programme 2014-2018

In the first work program, four primary objectives formed the framework: 

  1.  to strengthen the capacity and knowledge foundations of the science-policy interface,
  2. to consolidate the science-policy interface on biodiversity as well as ecosystem services at and across  regional, sub-regional and global levels, 
  3. to strengthen the interface in terms of methodological and thematic issues through assessments, and
  4. to communicate and evaluate IPBES activities, deliverables and research results (for example in form of assessments). 

The mentioned topics were to be made transparent for Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America by 2017 and culminated 2019 in the Global IPBES Assessment on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, which points out the critical loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services. For each of the primary objectives, 1-5 work packages and task forces were available to define and substantiate the contributions of the work program. In conclusion, the final reports were agreed upon with the government delegations. The first work program was replaced in May 2019 at the seventh IPBES plenary session (IPBES-7) by a new, flexible and rolling work program which is valid until 2030. While the core objectives stay the same, the work program has been substantially adapted and further developed on the basis of acquired experience.

Information on the IPBES work programme 2014-2018 Online Version

Resolution of the work programme Online Version

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