Egg cell retrieval

The retrieval of egg cells is a regularly practiced method in the context of IVF-Treatment. Before the extraction of egg cells (follicles), ovaries are stimulated by means of hormonal treatment to promote the maturity of more egg cells. The retrieval of egg cells normally occurs in the form of follicular puncture. By means of a thin hollow needle the partition is punctured and the follicular liquid, including the contained egg cell, is extracted. This intervention is done under general anaesthesia within a few minutes and doesn’t normally require a long hospital stay. A hormonal stimulation is necessary but could lead to a hyper stimulation and cause pain and in some cases also serious complications in the form of ovarian overstimulation syndrome. Therefore, egg donation is considered to be ethically more problematic than sperm donation.

Compare for critical insights into the debate about egg cell retrieval in the context of research cloning e. g.:

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