Thesaurus Editorial Team - Contact

Responsibility for the further development of the Thesaurus Ethics in the Life Sciences lies with the Thesaurus Editorial Team which consists of representatives from the five project partners. The changes agreed are implemented in the Thesaurus and published at regular intervals as updated versions. All changes are documented in a History.

Become involved in the development process!

The experience gained in everyday use of the Thesaurus is central to the ongoing work of updating and improvement. The Thesaurus Editorial Team therefore expressly invites all current and future users of the Thesaurus to become actively involved in the development process.

If you would like to send in alteration suggestions concerning additions, deletions, rephrasings or scope notes, you can do so by filling in the form below and sending it to the project co-ordinator at If you wish to contact the Thesaurus Editorial Team directly, you can also do so under the same address.

Download: Form for alteration suggestions (MS Word file; last update: 08/11/2005)

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