History - Documentation of Changes

A thesaurus is by its very nature in need of constant further development, i.e. it is permanently work in progress.

The Thesaurus Editorial Team discusses adaptations to new developments in the field of bioethics, to new concepts, questions and new terminology. All changes relevant to indexing or search routines are comprehensively documented in a History file accompanying each new Thesaurus edition. The History includes information on new, rephrased and deleted descriptors. Entries for rephrased descriptors also show the former formulation and the period during which it was used as descriptor.

History - 8th edition, September 2012: PDF file (119 KB)
History - 7th edition, December 2010: PDF file (53 KB)
History - 6th edition, September 2009: PDF file (174 KB)
History - 5th edition, August 2008: PDF file (84 KB)
History - 4th edition, September 2007: PDF file (82 KB)
History - 3rd edition, August 2006: PDF file (80 KB)
History - 2nd edition, August 2005: PDF file (46 KB)

If you would like to make descriptor suggestions or suggestions for other alterations, you are welcome to do so via the Thesaurus Editorial Team.

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