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Welcome to DRZE

The German Reference Centre for Ethics in the Life Sciences (DRZE) is a national documentation and information centre covering the entire field of ethics in the biomedical sciences in Germany. It serves the purpose of

  • scientifically compiling and providing in various formats the normative foundations of a qualified judgment formation;
  • preparing and allocating information from various fields concerning the current bioethical discussion in science, society and politics;
  • advancing the scientific interconnectedness and thereby promoting the German, European and international discourse.


Information provided by DRZE

  • The category In Focus provides information about current bioethical issues. It concisely illustrates the respective present status of the ethical discussion as well as the medical-scientific and legal backgrounds.

  • Bioethics literature can be searched in the largest bioethics literature database worldwide (BELIT).
  • The trilingual Thesaurus can be consulted for the systematic search for bioethics literature.
  • The Bioethics Links provide a structured, partly annotated web catalogue facilitating comfortable access to web resources concerning bioethical issues.



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